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School trips at Belvedere School, Cairo are an indispensable aspect of the learners’ journeys. Acting as both a complementary learning tool and a social activity, trips provide learners with real-life interpretations of the topics they are learning. While our school trips are mainly educational efforts to contextualise learning, they serve a much greater purpose. Through experiencing an out-of-school setting, learners understand that learning is not confined to a classroom and that it is, in fact, a lifelong skill that exists within us.

Every trip planned by the school is designed to include activities that encourage creative problem-solving, foster interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and strengthen the bond between Belvedere learners and teachers. In line with Belvedere’s values, trips are a part of the school’s endeavours to create an enriching environment for learners that broadens their horizons and leads to academic and personal successes.

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