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Teaching Methodology

We care about

Our Pupils.

Belvedere School, Cairo places emphasis on the notion that teaching and learning are as significant as curriculum content in determining learner progress and achievement.

To this end, we seek to develop shared experiences among the learners themselves and emphasise the value of formal and informal learning situations.


Learners of the 21st century cannot and should not receive an education that was created centuries ago to suit an environment that no longer exists. Today’s complex world requires fluid and dynamic learning that is relevant to a world that is changing exponentially.

This is where Belvedere School, Cairo incorporates STEAM education within the curriculum, allowing learners to learn through life experiences rather than textbooks. Through project-based, inquiry-based, and problem-based learning, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning activities are created within a learning environment that fosters 21st-century skills.

Interdisciplinary Learning
Hands -on Experiences
Integration of Arts
Inquiry- Based Learning
Technology Integration
Collaboration & Communication
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
Adaptability & Resilience
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